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Shipping Procedures

The following procedure is required when sending a pocket surf to Profilometer Repair

1. Examine the product to make sure that all necessary parts are sent with the unit. (Please include the RA patch and probe that you are using with the unit to help determine the problem.)

2. Please ship the pocket surf in the manufactures carrying case.

3. Select a shipping carton that will stand up to normal shipping abuse.

4. We recommend packing 3 to 4 inches of padding around the pocket surf to prevent damage.

5. When sending a pocket surf for repair, please be sure that a legible note is included with the following information:

a. Your name and phone number.
b. Address where you would like the unit returned.
c. Description of what you would like done.

 6. Ship to the following address.

Profilometer Repair
2423 Route 136
Eighty Four, PA 15330

7. Document your shipping tracking number.